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Proven Success Model – B2C

Historically, we have always been the "Bridge" between wholesale/financial institutions and retail clients. By acting as the “Bridge” we can provide tailored trading services our end retail clients, that would otherwise only be available to large financial institutions and major banks.

At Fat Panda Express ("FPE" or "Fat Panda"), we applied this same successful business model to the retail consumer industry. We formed multiple partnerships with Wholesalers and Liquidators to provide high quality products, at incredibly affordable prices. By aggregating products from Wholesalers and Liquidators, we can filter out top tier products then filter such products directly to our end retail clients.

All products are individually reviewed and inspected by Fat Panda Express before it is shipped to guarantee the highest level of quality.


Detailed Overview

Over the last 10+ years we have successfully operated and continue to operate within the financial services industry. We are "Market Makers" that provide online trading services for products such as Currencies, Metals, Oils, and even Cryptocurrencies. Our services are available to both retail and institutional clients.

Our successful business model is quite simple. For example, let us say you want to trade Currencies, Gold, or Oil. If you simply walk up to any financial institution and request to trade global currencies, the minimum trade size will start at approximately $100,000 USD. For gold, the minimum contracts start at 100 ounces, which is about $190,000 USD in today's market. These contracts maybe too expensive for you, and even if cost was not an issue, the major financial institution will not trade with you, unless the you are already an accredited investor.

This is where we provide value. Thanks to our existing business and wide client base, we already have direct relationships with multiple financial institutions. This in turn allows us to become the aggregator/dealer between the retail client and the financial institution.

Consequently, if a client wants to trade small amount of currencies or gold, we can provide customized trade sizes tailored to our client needs. Furthermore, since we already have relationships with multiple banks and financial institutions, we can internally match/aggregate such client trades and delivery and execution at our banks and financial institutions.

As mentioned above, we have applied this exact strategy as the primary business model for Fat Panda Express. By becoming the “Market Maker” between wholesalers/liquidators and retail consumers, we can aggregate and deliver top quality products for much less.

Our financial services business currently services clients from over 115 different countries with offices located in 5 different counties.

More information about our online trading services can be found in the link below:

Capital Markets Group (CMG) - https://www.cmgau.com